Epsilon Omicron Delta

Name's Caeleb.
Formerly curlylacey.
20. Soldier in the U.S. Army.
I blow shit up that blows shit up for a living.
I'm friendly, so you can start a conversation about basically anything and I could probably talk about it with you for hours. Don't feel afraid to approach me.

I'm straight as y=mx+b and about as single as a $1 bill.

Anonymous asked: Would you ever date a Suicide Girl?

Uhm. Yes. Definitely.

Anonymous asked: Caeleb, just because Natalie fucked you over- (and some other stuff too maybe) doesn't mean that you can't get good looking girls like "Natalie" okay? You can. You're cute, hilarious, and you have an amazing personality. Don't ever believe that someone who is that attractive won't like you. She was a low life and good at playing the game for a while... I'm sorry you had to get hurt from it. You're amazing, okay? Have a super good day. :)

Thank you. Honestly.

I love it when Christians say they’re anti-war, and when I ask them why they say “Because the Bible says thou shalt not kill.”

First off, it’s thou shalt not murder, not kill. If it were kill, then every time in the Old Testament when God would issue His judgment upon someone, then He would be breaking His own commandment. I don’t really see God as being the hypocritical type. And that commandment is definitely more centered around the hate and selfishness in ones heart when they specifically seek out to murder another.

Second, have you even read the Old Testament outside of the Pentateuch? There are wars all over the place and overthrowing of kings in the name of God. The Old Testament was a bloodbath. I mean look at one of the most commonly known stories out of the Bible, David and Goliath. David kills Goliath with a sling and a single stone and then CUTS GOLIATH’S HEAD OFF WITH HIS OWN GIGANTIC SWORD. I feel war does not necessarily constitute murder, so long as your heart is just in your reasoning for serving and you kill only to protect your country and your brothers and sisters in arms.

Wow did I dodge a jealous nut bullet with that one lol