Epsilon Omicron Delta

My name is Caeleb. Used to be curlylacey on here. I'm 21 years old and I'm in the US Army. I blow shit up that blows shit up for a living. I'm a fairly simple person. Anything that you consider nerdy, I'm probably into it. Single and I've no idea how to mingle.

Anonymous asked: Why EOD?

I haven’t got this question in a while.

Initially, I signed EOD because a buddy of mine was signing for it and I thought it sounded pretty badass. And at the time I was depressed as fuck and didn’t care how dangerous it was.

Even now, I still don’t care how dangerous it is. I know that death is a very real possibility in this career and I accept that as reality. But now my motivation for passing this school and getting that crab is making a difference. This job is important. When I graduate from here, I’ll have moments where certain choices I make mean life or death, plenty of times, and often for those around me. I want to save lives. I’m tired of death. I’m tired of hurt. I want people to live to fight another day, I want my brothers and sisters in this military to be able to return home to their families in one piece.

Additionally, the respect EODs get is kind of an added bonus. It’s just something about that patch on their shoulder and the crab on their chest that makes people realize that that person passed one of the hardest and longest schools the Army has to offer. You can’t help but respect someone with that kind of determination.

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